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We are a family owned business.

We are fully licensed and insured so our Clients can always feel safe that

their project is being done correctly and in accordance to the NYC Electrical Code. 

Call us today for a free estimate.

Roberto Rivera Sr.


The old man. Has over 30 years of residential and commercial electrical experience. He is a Licensed Master Electrician in NYC and holds many electrical, HVAC and EPA certifications. He has a great personality and loves making customers happy.

Roberto Rivera Jr.

Operations Manager

Call him "Chino." With over 20 years of electrical experience, rest assured you're in good hands with his expertise and quality of work. He oversees all of our projects and prides himself on doing a great (and great looking) job.

Joshua Rivera

Project Manager

​No one really knows what he does but he claims to be the best at it. He is our Project Manager and most likely who you will deal with on larger projects. He is well versed in large scale construction projects. He'd better be with all that tuition money spent. He has 10 years in managing large scale public and private projects around the country. 

Nerissa Rivera

Office Manager

Our newest member brings over 10 years of experience in Human Resources administration. We bribed her to leave the corporate world so she could make our customers' worlds that much brighter (no pun intended). She will probably be the first person you speak to with regards to your electrical needs and we also hired her to make sure our own lights stay on!

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